Welcome School Food Directors!

We know that as a School Food Director, you have to be cautious about what you are serving in your cafeteria. United Dairy offers fat-free, flavored school milk which meets the USDA’s strict, low-sugar requirement for drinks. Only our plain and lower-sugar flavored school milks give your students the nine of the essential nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

Congratulations to Glad Hill Elementary School!!!

Glad Hill Elementary School in Virginia was one of the winners of the Made by Milk 2014 Carton Construction Contest by Evergreen Packaging. The Made By Milkā„¢ contest encourages students to build strong bones with milk and flex their creative muscles by repurposing milk cartons. This winning team named, Milk Moovers, won $1,500.00 for their school. Using 962 United Dairy cartons they created a habitat titled, Then and Now. Click here for more details.

United School Milk Has Less Sugar, More Essential Nutrients

One, 8 oz. serving of plain milk has 64 percent less sugar and 40 percent fewer calories than a can of soda. One serving of flavored milk only has 130 calories and 10.1 grams of added sugar, a total of 22 grams of sugar. Even low-calorie fruit drinks don’t pack the nutritive punch that flavored milk does. Only milk, flavored and plain, has nine essential nutrients - calcium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, protein, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

Facts About Flavored Milk

There are many myths circulating about milk, particularly flavored milk. Here are the facts about United Dairy flavored school milks:

  • 130 calories per 8oz. serving
  • 40% less added sugar than just five years ago
  • 2.4 teaspoons of added sugar in each serving

Glad Hill Winning Entry

Here is what Moms are saying . . . New Research: Moms Continue to Support Flavored Milk

The campaign features the results of a new survey of moms to track attitudes and perceptions toward chocolate milk.

We also conducted another pulse on moms’ opinion on flavored milk in schools.We’re pleased to report that overall, moms continue to be in favor of chocolate milk and there is limited support for in-school bans. In fact:

  • Four out of five moms (79%) believe kids need healthy choices at school including chocolate milk.
  • Three in four moms (77%) say they think their children should be able to choose which beverage to drink at school.

Click here to Download a printable PDF, Moms Weigh In on the Great Debate

Want more information?

Visit Milk Delivers for current infomation on school milk guidelines.

Click here to Download a printable PDF, The Truth About Chocolate Milk.

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