At United Dairy, we are fortunate to be involved in a strong relationship with over 300 local family owned and operated dairy farms.  Here at United Dairy we pride ourselves with buying from local farms to help keep the local economy strong and local people employed.  The majority of the money that a Dairy Farmer spends stays in the local community.  Farms that sell their milk to United commit to produce a high quality, wholesome product, while being good stewards of the land and having pride in the health and welfare of their animals.

Meet Ohio Dairy Farmers

We’re proud to bring you the freshest, highest quality local milk to you and  your family.  “From Farm to Fridge in 24 Hours”.

Meet our Farmers:

Plum-Hollow Dairy

Plum-Hollow Dairy is located in Reynoldsville, PA.  Run by Kevin and Holly Plummer, their farm was founded in 1990 and consists of 160 owned acres and 450 rented acres of land. They grow a variety of crops: corn, hay, barley and rye and have a herd of 80 milking cows and 55 heifers/calves, consisting of Holstein, Jersey, Shorthorn, Holstein-Jersey cross and Holstein-Shorthorn cross.

Kevin and Holly have 3 children, Kevin Jr, Sherry and Brian, that help with the farm as well. Kevin Jr. and his wife Debbe have two children, Addison and Grace.  Bryan has a son, Mason.  Sherry lives in Tennessee, but comes home when she can.

A family tradition, Holly was raised on a dairy farm in Lebanon County, PA and is proud to say that the majority of her family is still dairy farmers. Plum-Hollow Dairy has been providing milk to United Dairy since 1999 and strives to provide the best quality milk they can.  After all – United Dairy ice cream is the best!

Ruprecht Dairy Farm
Ruprecht Dairy Farm is located in northern Knox County in Butler, Ohio.  Before settling down in Knox County in 1997, their operation was located in Medina County and their dairy herd consisted of 35 cows.  Today, their farm is comprised of 320 acres of land, and their herd has grown to 130 cows and 135 young stock. 

Ken and Marilyn Ruprecht and their family have been dairy farming for 37 years.  They are committed to providing quality, responsible care to their animals because they know it’s the right thing to do for today’s consumers and is the legacy they want to leave for their children and grandchildren.  They know that strong farming values are what keep Ohio’s rural communities vibrant.  Ken and Marilyn love volunteering their service on a variety of community and agricultural boards.