United Dairy ECOJUG

United Dairy’s goodness starts from the inside with our high quality products that have been a family tradition for over sixty years. We are happy to introduce our new packaging, the EcoJug, which is greatly minimizing our impact on the environment. Actually, our new packaging may be one of the most environmentally responsible dairy containers in the industry. The sleek new look and feel of the EcoJug gallon packaging not only is easier to handle but is less harsh on our environment.

With our New EcoJug packaging, we have made great strides in decreasing our carbon footprint. The New EcoJug uses up to 25% less plastic (on average vs. traditional dairy industry gallon packaging) which will result in over 850,000 fewer pounds of plastic used per year. This new packaging will make us the leader in our industry in reducing the amount of plastic used in packaging.

Other beverages may claim to be a greener choice, but with our new packaging it is clear that we are one of the most environmental friendly dairy producers in the country.

This new ECOJUG is just another step in our commitment to your family from ours. United Dairy’s family was built on family traditionsand we love being in your home and helping your family to move forward and grow. With the introduction of our New ECOJUG we are making great strides to make the environment better for the future of our children.

Pick up are new ECOJUG gallon today at your local grocer and see the quality and stability for yourself. We are excited about this step into the future and are looking forward to many more years to come from our family to yours.